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The Entirely Different Approach to Air-Conditioning

Up until recently, radiant cooling systems haven’t been very effective or popular in the UK as our high humidity levels typically cause droplets of water to form on the cold ceiling surface. Radiant systems have, however, been used for years around the world in the dryer climates. Radiana has addressed this issue with a simple yet amazingly effective solution, combining a radiant cooling system with a ventilation system and integrating them through a sophisticated but user-friendly controls package to constantly regulate the humidity levels within the property, providing an entirely new cooling concept!

Radiana ceiling cooling is the perfect answer for those that want a clean, healthy air conditioning system. Used in homes, offices, schools and medical facilities, this brilliant concept cools the property without draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effect of standard air conditioning. What’s more, it can also be used for highly energy-efficient heating, removing the need for a central heating system. It’s true that hot air rises, but heat travels in any direction and warms the surfaces it is radiating towards, creating a perfectly warm and comfortable environment.

This innovative 3-component climate control system is unique because it integrates humidity regulation, dew point control and variable radiant energy output, thereby maximising cooling capacity, thermal comfort and energy conservation.

Radiana is installed above the ceiling, so it’s entirely hidden. It is available either as composite panels for integration into a plastered ceiling, or as 600 x 600 tiles to fit new or existing suspended ceiling grids. With no indoor AC units or associated filters to clean, system maintenance is minimal. No unsightly ceiling/joinery access hatches are required, and with a panel depth of only 50mm, ceiling heights can be maximised.

How Radiant Cooling Works

Radiant cooling cools a ceiling by passing cold water through the pipes which absorb the heat radiated from the rest of the room. Heat always travels to colder areas. Therefore areas that are ‘colder’ will always attract heat rays to them. The hot ‘rays’ travel from the radiant heat element until they reach a surface, such as a wall, floor or piece of furniture. The same system can also be used for heating, simply by passing hot water through the pipes in the panels. There are no hot or cold spots in an environment heated or cooled from the ceiling because radiation expands equally in all directions.

The three elements of the Radiana system

The Panel

The 50 mm panel consists of preformed insulation, pipework, diffusion plates and standard 12.5 mm plasterboard. All the layers are bonded together to create a modular, quick and easy-to-install product. Typically, 50-60% of the ceiling area requires active radiant panels. The panel is also available as a drop-in tile to fit existing suspended ceilings.

The Ventilation and Humidity Control System

The unit combines mechanical ventilation and heat recovery with dehumidification, making this product completely unique. This brings a new level of comfort by maintaining optimal fresh air at the right level of relative humidity. The unit will also regulate fresh air to maintain a healthy amount of CO2.

The Radiana Controls and App

The Radiana controls bring the complete system together. The radiant panels and ventilation unit run in tandem to optimise comfort, efficiency and performance, all under one simple control system. A phone app controller is available as an option.

Unseen, Silent, and Effective

  • Better air quality, with no recirculation through contaminated AC unit filters and coils
  • Quick temperature response due to the speed of radiation
  • Monitors and maintains optimal humidity levels and fresh air ventilation for optimum comfort
  • Far less maintenance than standard air conditioning systems
  • 30-40% more efficient than standard air conditioning systems that circulate air, resulting in lower running costs
  • A fully comprehensive climate control system driven by a simple and user-friendly app


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