Art gallery precision air quality protects £millions

Rod Mclean
Marketing Manager

Valuable works of art need precision climate control day and night, 365 days a year. Calibre has the knowledge and expertise to advise on high value climate protection, and ensure that strict parameters are met. One of our recently completed projects was for contemporary art dealer Per Skarstedt, who opened a new 5,000 square feet gallery in St James’s, London.Skarstedt – Artist’s Impression

Working with the main contractors, Seacon Ltd, and Thomas Croft Architects, Calibre designed and installed a system that ensures that the ground floor gallery spaces and viewing room meet museum specifications. In this case it means that a temperature of 20°C ± 1°C, and relative humidity of 50% ± 7% must be maintained – regardless of external conditions.

The Precision Design Team at Calibre know how important this is to art lovers everywhere, both aesthetically and financially, and enjoy the challenge of caring for our artistic heritage.

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Rod Mclean

Rod just loves a finished project. Because it means he can re-tell to the industry what Calibre does, why, and how we do it. Being closely involved in all main areas of the business during his career has given him a holistic view of how Calibre approach new and existing customers, communicate with the market, and which new ideas to get excited about.

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