Climate control for luxury properties – choosing the right system

Jon Fleet
Business Development Manager

When you’re investing in a luxury property or searching for your dream home, it’s important that it contains all of the systems and furnishings needed to create an inviting, comfortable and stylish home.

With temperatures in the UK frequently reaching 25 degrees or more during the summer months, you’ll be surprised at how many people invest in climate control, especially those living in the South of England.

After all, when the summer months arrive, the last thing you want is for the living spaces that you spend the most time in to be unbearably hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable, especially when you’re entertaining guests or relaxing after a busy day in the office.

What’s more, a home that is cool, comfortable, and inviting can also dramatically improve your quality of life, mood, and ability to relax and unwind in the spaces that you love the most.

There are a number of climate control solutions that are perfect for high-end residential properties and luxury homes, including high performance AC systems that have been designed to be completely discrete.

In recent years, many air conditioning providers have been forced to respond to a growing demand for AC units that will complement and enhance a wide range of traditional and modern homes, without impacting on the style or aesthetic appeal of a property.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning Units are a great choice for luxurious homes, apartments, or Grade II listed buildings that are not able to accommodate an outside condenser box.

Planning permission is not required for this type of air conditioning unit and they are also extremely discrete. Unlike wall mounted air conditioning units, they can be hidden within your property so that your AC unit does not impact upon the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

And, thanks to significant advances in AC technology, you can now choose from a wide choice of high performance, smart AC options – allowing you to control the temperature in your home in a way that works for you.

For example, the latest, innovative air conditioning systems allow homeowners to control their air conditioning unit even when they aren’t within their property.

Connected to an App on your smart device, this type of system allows you to adjust the temperature of your property when you’re out and about, so your home is always the perfect temperature when you return.

An air conditioning unit is a significant investment for any luxurious building or property and can actually increase the value of your property, so it’s important that is perfectly equipped to serve your home for many years to come.

With this in mind, make sure you do your research when it comes to choosing a trustworthy, reliable air conditioning company with the right expertise.

Jon Fleet

As our Business Development Manager, Jon focuses on strategy and optimising our business process to ensure Calibre meet today's demands.

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