Luxury Residential Air Conditioning

Rod Mclean
Marketing Manager

The air conditioning requirements in high-end residential properties present a unique challenge. Here you really are ‘working for a person’; not a corporation, or department, or branch. And that person, whilst they will use an architect, will still have a very good idea of what they want from their property. Indeed, one of the most important factors when planning the project is to ensure there is complete coordination and understanding between client, architect, consultant and contractor.

Air conditioning and ventilation have a major part to play in creating the perfect residential environment, and the company tasked with the installation should be aware of the aspects where it will differ from a commercial project. The control of temperature and airflow should be faultless, with quick response to inputs, yet the atmosphere should always be free from unacceptable airflow differentials. Any visible equipment should be discreetly placed, with faultless workmanship. And the system should operate extremely quietly as it must never interfere with audio and acoustic requirements.

In fact, the perfect air conditioning solution in luxury residential properties will get as close as practically possible to being silent and invisible! In short, high-end work needs high-end workmanship.

Rod Mclean

Rod just loves a finished project. Because it means he can re-tell to the industry what Calibre does, why, and how we do it. Being closely involved in all main areas of the business during his career has given him a holistic view of how Calibre approach new and existing customers, communicate with the market, and which new ideas to get excited about.

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