Coordination in managing supply and integration

Our experienced technique

Our vast experience of working on projects in exclusive environments contributes to a strong understanding of programme and commercial pressures, that continues to drive our highest standard of work.

From order acceptance and the completion of the Design process, the Pre-Construction and Project teams consolidate the project detail and planning in a formal internal meeting. From this point the Project team are fully onboarded to take forward on the day-to-day supervision of the project through the installation process.

Our 4 Step Calibre Install Process includes Design Approvals, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Commissioning.

Design Approval

Early and frequent communication between stakeholders – our teams, the main contractor and the professional team – is critical to the design approval process and a cohesive and organised approach to the project. Designs and equipment selections based on our partnership with industry-leading manufacturers are proposed acknowledging lead times, and timely approval by all stakeholders ensures the successful continuation of the process.

Supply Chain Management

Following approvals, through working exclusively with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers and building up these close relationships over time, Calibre can ensure the timely procurement and delivery of project-centric equipment and product, still facilitating the project process when long-lead times have to be considered.

Project Management

Designing and installing climate control in exclusive environments involves creating unique solutions with equipment and ancillaries fitted integral to the building structure and fabric. Thorough programming and close coordination with other trades ensures ductwork, pipework, cabling, fan-coils, fans and ventilation equipment are delivered and installed to schedule, guaranteeing we keep ahead of the primary programme. Automated reporting during site visits encompasses site conditions and work in progress to ensure that constant communication and quality control is provided by Calibre to all stakeholders.


Each Calibre project is completed through undergoing our Commissioning service. This comprises the final installation quality inspection, system settings checks, and programming fine-tuning. As part of the project O&M package, our commissioning logbooks record all key equipment metrics such as temperatures, pressures and flow rates.

Calibre have worked on the last five projects of mine, and I am looking forward to working with them again on my next project.

Tom Parsons

Tom Parsons

Contracts Manager, Alexander Maltby Ltd