Preserving the fine and rare

Precise control of air quality, humidity and temperature to facilitate the preservation of fine wines, artworks, and classic collections.

Fine Wines

Fine Wine requires meticulous temperature and humidity control to allow the wine to mature and develop in flavour and bouquet. Temperature control is regulated to within one degree of the optimum temperature (13°C) and humidity to between 65 and 75% RH, preserving both the wine and the bottles and facilitating appreciation of the investment.

Fine Art

Fine Art is susceptible to the smallest changes in its environment because of the age and the nature of the artwork. Fine control of that environment minimises the effects of external elements such as daily temperature fluctuations and ensures the preservation of these works. Strict and accurate monitoring of the humidity and temperature conditions are critical for curators, auction houses and collectors alike.

Classic Cars

Classic Cars require precise environment control to limit the prospect of corrosion, decomposition and mould growth. Classic collections are particularly at risk to this because of the nature of their materials, such as wood, metal, leather, fabrics and rubber. Preservation of exquisitely crafted vehicles is critical to ensure that age doesn’t compromise their quality. This requires accurate temperature control and regulation of relative humidity to between 40 and 60%.

Archive Storage

Archive storage includes the preservation of a wide variety of products in differing materials, such as papers, parchments, negatives and transparencies, digital records, vinyls and video recordings. There are many contributing factors to the deterioration of such materials, for example humidity, temperature, light, manual handling and air-borne pollutants, which can be minutely controlled and monitored to maintain optimum preservative storage conditions.

The last project that Calibre worked on with my team we designed a inlet and extract ventilation air system hidden within the corniche and they designed and installed a bespoke solution that worked perfectly.

Gemma McCloskey

Gemma McCloskey

Project Architect, Studio Indigo

Case Studies

Battersea I

This one-of-a-kind property was being designed by an international architect-led design team, with the client themselves closely involved with lifestyle choices, interior design, and commissioned design pieces. Calibre were hired to inform and coordinate with the design team with requirements for the air-conditioning, ventilation and humidification systems, through the luxury fitout contractor. An external plant deck received a large, specialist mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) unit, with large attenuated ductwork entering the building roof. Over the large curved gallery area, the main air conditioning ducts from the sets of VRF fan-coils mounted above the ceiling distributed out to serve the Gallery perimeter slot diffusers. All slot diffusers installed for the air-conditioning throughout the property were bespoke made, curved in two […]

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