Healthy working environment

A healthy indoor environment through precision control of temperature, humidity and indoor air quality

Luxury Offices

Luxury office design is one of the sectors which has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic due to raised public awareness around the benefits of well-ventilated indoor spaces. Proactive combating of airborne pathogens reduces the transmission rate and is becoming highly prevalent in office redesigns through increased ventilation rates, larger breakout spaces, and open and outdoor areas.

Heritage Buildings

Renovating and repurposing a heritage building often carries significant challenges, with archaic construction methodology, hidden obstacles, and not least a listed status. The listed status is to awarded to prevent destruction of unique character and period charm of the building but can significantly limit the scope for change, meaning that installing climate control and mechanical ventilation has to be carefully design-led and becomes increasingly intricate.

Boutique Hotels

As the hard-hit hospitality market reopens its doors to the public, a heightened awareness of hygiene and sanitisation has led to a considerable demand for clean accommodation and entertaining areas.


Regular system maintenance is the ultimate barrier to external airborne pollutants. Lower utility bills, increased running efficiency, reduction in the risk of system failure, and longer life of the system are just some of the other benefits to regular maintenance of the system.

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Case Studies

Luxury Office I

A Luxury Home Renovation Contractor’s new-build headquarters in West London. High-end commercial interior fit-out, including sub-let and modern shared workspace.

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