Gyms and Fitness Studios

Personal training and development within your private environment.

Workouts – be it gentle like yoga, or much more intense like HIIT – want a great environment to complement the exertive activities taking place within the space. Control unique to the dedicated gym or studio space is vital for keeping temperature consistent during workout sessions.

As working out progresses available oxygen available naturally or passively within the space is depleted, so constant ventilated fresh air supply is required for oxygen replenishment to facilitate and improve respiration.

Case Studies

Battersea I

This one-of-a-kind property was being designed by an international architect-led design team, with the client themselves closely involved with lifestyle choices, interior design, and commissioned design pieces. Calibre were hired to inform and coordinate with the design team with requirements for the air-conditioning, ventilation and humidification systems, through the luxury fitout contractor. An external plant deck received a large, specialist mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) unit, with large attenuated ductwork entering the building roof. Over the large curved gallery area, the main air conditioning ducts from the sets of VRF fan-coils mounted above the ceiling distributed out to serve the Gallery perimeter slot diffusers. All slot diffusers installed for the air-conditioning throughout the property were bespoke made, curved in two […]

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