Swimming Pools

The ultimate accessory for your social enjoyment and fitness regime within the privacy of your own property.

Having a dedicated large space with a conditioned body of water that affects the air around it requires careful control of the pool space climate. Pool rooms require a large volume of constant air changing, both for dealing with the affected air temperature and humidity within the space but also providing a consistent, comfortable environment for people using and enjoying the space.

Typically the air around a pool will absorb moisture and become higher in humidity and often temperature. Two elements are required to mitigate these – dehumidifying of the air, and temperature control.

Another consideration is the vernacular of the room – if there are glazed doors or panels sealing the pool room from other areas of the property, without temperature control of these materials the air inside the pool room will cause condensation on the inside of the glass, making it unsightly, dirty, and potentially harmful if not maintained.

Case Studies

Chelsea I

Discreet air conditioning for this terraced 4-bed mews house in a small courtyard just off Fulham Road

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