Whole-house Climate

Home is the most important environment for the human being. As well as the ultimate place of comfort, safety, and family, it is also where, on average, we spend 60% of our time.

Invisible Equipment

Calibre designers collaborate with architects, interior designers and design & build contractors to ensure climate control equipment is intelligently concealed within the building fabric, creating a system that is both discreet and accessible for maintenance.

Discreet Detailing

We achieve expert and inconspicuous results through the skilled design of air inlets and returns, remaining fully functional yet unobtrusive.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Meticulous system design facilitates the most effective reduction of operational noise levels through careful attention to sound attenuation, duct sound insulation and correct airflow speeds.

Integrated Controls

Systems can be seamlessly integrated with Home Automation and Building Management Systems, accommodating remote control of the system through intuitive touchscreens and a smartphone app and facilitating cross-communication with other systems such as underfloor heating.

Indoor Air Quality

Close monitoring and demand control of the climate control system allows the removal of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter, culminating in a clean, healthy and safe environment.

Filtration and Purification

Air filtration systems trap a substantial percentage of particles which then go through a purification system to remove particles scientifically proven to cause health issues. This maximises neutralisation of particulate pollutants and health hazards.

Case Studies

Chelsea I

Discreet air conditioning for this terraced 4-bed mews house in a small courtyard just off Fulham Road

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