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St James

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About this project

A large Private Gallery in St James.

  • Client

    Private client

  • Design

    Calibre design and build scheme, with a luxury commercial contractor and renowned London Architect studio.

Technology used in this project

Climate Control
Close Control and Humidifiers
Diffusers and Grilles
Linear Diffusers and Linear Bar Grilles
Noise Management
Acoustic Treatment and Duct Attenuation

Design Brief

Precise temperature and humidity control to protect high-value artworks. Climate control to be undetectable to preserve the high-end viewing experience.


To ensure optimal conditions for the artwork and as a condition of Gallery insurance, a huge amount of air had to be continually conditioned and supplied to the gallery space, without visual, audible or sensory impact on the environment. A close-control water-cooled system was selected, having the best control of temperature and humidity for this application.

Disused basement vaults were repurposed as housings for external equipment, with indoor close-control units mounted on acoustic spring mountings and incorporating heating and humidification. Supply and return air paths constructed from acoustic foam were carefully installed in a complex plenum arrangement to prevent direct sound transfer. Discrete grilles are inset flush with the wall at high level, and jet-black vertical grilles concealed within the door openings provide return air.

We chose the close control water cooled system as the perfect option to reliably maintain a constant temperature and humidity to ensure protection of the gallery's exclusive artworks.

Tim Church

Design Principal, Calibre

Our Solutions


Stable control of temperature and humidity for the long-term preservation of fine wines, artworks, classic collections, and archives.

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