Wiltshire I

Fine Wine Storage


About this project

Fine Wine specialist storage facilities, converted from ex-military hardened ammunition storage chambers

  • Client

    London City Bond

  • Appointed by

    London City Bond, the largest bonded warehouse holder in UK

Technology used in this project

Climate Control
Comfort Cooling and Heaters

Design Brief

Design and install climate control systems to accurately regulate temperature and airflow to maintain steady conditioning of high-value wine.

Work within an unusual building fabric and existing layouts of stacked stock.


Factory adapted fan-coil units ensured highly focused control of temperature, their precise fan speed providing a regulated flow of air through the space.

The units operate continuously to move the air within the space ensuring an even distribution of conditioned air whilst separate heating units introduce heat on demand to remain accurate to the pre-specified temperature.

The system design ensures climate remains at optimum condition regardless of diverse demands such as introduction of new stock, opening of the large access doors, and changes in external temperature. With this accuracy of control stock can remain protected and maintained within the space, with only periodic attention required.

Our wine storage facilities are converted ex-military munitions storage bunkers. Calibre designed, installed and continue to maintain a highly efficient climate control system within this unusual building fabric and stock layout.

David Hogg

David Hogg

Sales Director, London City Bond

Our Expertise

Precision Climate

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