Wiltshire II

Fine Wine Storage


About this project

A secure specialist storage facility to store high-value Fine Investment Wines. Refurbished ex-WWII RAF aircraft hangars for ground crew training

  • Client

    London City Bond

Technology used in this project

Climate Control
Comfort Cooling, Heaters and
Destratification Fans

Design Brief

Design and install closely controlled climate conditions to four large warehouse spaces totalling over 88,000sq.ft. of storage space, to preserve integrity and value of the stock.

System design to coordinate with predetermined racking layouts, and the ongoing refurbishment and trades involved.


A custom-built refrigeration system was designed for each of the buildings comprising large condensing units connected to high-level coolers inside to provide the main conditioning, whilst specialist heating elements and down-draught destratification fans balance and ensure even distribution of conditioned air throughout the space.

Designed to the upper percentile of optimum conditioning, the climate is still accurately maintained with redundancy for scheduled service and maintenance, and adjusts quickly to new climate demand internally with opening of warehouse doors or new unconditioned stock being added.

A bespoke-built intelligent controls system within each hangar manages the systems, monitoring via a network of sensors and fine-tuning supply to regulate temperature accurately.

Designed with minimal running and maintenance costs in mind, the systems provide peace of mind for the client and investors, with climate in all four spaces accurately and constantly measured and controlled.

We came directly to Calibre for a climate control design for our four large warehouses. The system is designed with minimum running and maintenance cost and accurately maintains a perfect temperature and humidity for the maturing of high-value investment wines.

David Hogg

David Hogg

Sales Director, London City Bond

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Precision Climate

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