Energy-efficient solutions providing healthy environments for the comfort and wellbeing of colleagues and guests

Improving air quality for your business

The Luxury Commercial sector, across Luxury Office Space, Heritage Buildings, and Boutique Hotels, is a demanding environment for any mechanical or electrical service. Key climate control design contributors in this sector involve the comfort and wellbeing of the occupants through accurate temperature and humidity control and adequate ventilation rates. The business operator can also benefit financially from reliable equipment, minimal carbon footprint and highly energy-efficient systems, which we strive to achieve in every solution.

There is a growing trend in the sector for increased ventilation rates as well as whole building filtration and purification systems with the functionality for air purification and surface treatment.


The selection of diffusers or grilles, their size and location, and the airflow rate and passive resistance of every air distribution element must be carefully considered to provide an efficient and effective climate control and mechanical ventilation solution. Adequate ventilation is critical in reducing the rate of airborne pathogenic transmission, and must be considered alongside heating and cooling loads and the number of air changes to maximise the comfort and wellbeing of the building’s occupants.

Filtration and Purification

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 has a broad scope and contains obligations for employers regarding indoor air quality. Employers must take into account vulnerable persons within their business, including but not limited to those with pre-existing medical conditions, and ensure that air quality is sufficient for all staff.

Carbon footprint and energy use

All ventilation and fan equipment must comply with the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive and requires labelling with the relevant CE marking. The directive is designed to reduce carbon emissions whilst cutting energy costs to end users.


Well-designed and manufactured equipment, with careful component selection and detailed and accurate installation can be the most expensive option when installing climate control and mechanical ventilation systems. However, our clients have proved that such a system (with regular maintenance) will outperform and outlast an inferior system and will result in a lower amortised cost.


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