About Us

Calibre is the London based multi-disciplinary specialist providing Consultancy, Installation, and Aftercare for indoor climate, singularly dedicated to luxury residential properties.

Malcolm Smith

Managing Director
Setting the vision for Calibre's future - having brought the company up through the process of creating, perfecting, and maintaining what we now call our 'craft'. Constantly driving standards in and outside our organisation through close relationships with industry partners, Malcolm pervades an engineer's focus and designers' high standards to consistently bring the hallmark of quality to our work.

Barry Smith

Sales & Marketing Director
A consistent presence in design and estimating, Barry constantly ensures every project we undertake aligns with our DNA, our ‘craft’. Many years’ experience in the wider mechanical sector provides a wealth of experience that helps advise on new business opportunities and wider development of our current customers and markets.

Peter Smith

High level finance management and decisions to enable us to continue doing our best work for our clients and their properties. Calibre evolved directly from Peter’s first business starting in 1975, and today he still enforces the values of high-attention personal service and close understanding of the needs of the market with all of the team.

Darren Cane

Aftercare Business Development
For private clients and property managers across London, Darren is a key partner in project aftercare and ongoing care of properties and investments. He'll always there with timely, honest advice in proactive care and solutions to maintenance challenges.

Jon Fleet

Head of Aftercare
Focusing on the business strategy and optimizing our business process helps evolve our core business to meet today's demands. Development opportunities and new research in the fields of Mechanical and Building rarely go unnoticed or are not considered within Calibre's role in the industry.

Tim Church

Design Principal
A career built across different construction-focused industries brings a high level of practical application that, combined with an almost-mania for physics knowledge and intense attention to detail, make him Calibre’s key design manager for the majority of our fine storage and specialist environment projects.

Ryan Clarke

Design Principal
With years of experience within our high-end residential construction focus, Ryan is our key 'prime property' designer and account manager. He has an enviable ability to set up a number of ideal solutions to any property, be it a refurbishment project, new-build or fitting in within a finished home.

William Rowles

Project Manager
Experienced, knowledgeable, and hands-on, William has pretty much seen it all in the M&E services industry. That's why he makes up another of the main components of our Project Delivery capability, constantly delivering our craft on every new and ongoing project.

Simon Worrod

Project Manager
One of the key components of our project management team, Simon brings constant attention to detail and a driven attitude to programme and people management. Long experience from project management in a large superstructure contracting firm brings further cross-industry skills in programme and procurement.

Mark Reeves

Aftercare Manager
Heading up our in-house engineering team, Mark's many years of experience in project management and operations in mechanical and building services drives him to provide the highest level of dedicated service response and attention to detail to all of our contract customers.

Ingrid Williams

Accounts Administrator
With a wealth of experience in businesses across the world across various industries, Ingrid takes on the ever-growing responsibility of day-to-day transactions with clients and our supply chain, reporting on project financials, and working closely with our Project Delivery team. Ah, and the added weighty responsibility of keeping the entire office staff in check!

Rod McLean

Design Consultant
Rod just loves a finished project. Because it means he can re-tell to the industry what Calibre does, why, and how we do it. Being closely involved in all main areas of the business during his career has given him a holistic view of how Calibre approach new and existing customers, communicate with the market, and which new ideas to get excited about.

Shannon Church

Marketing Executive

Callum McLean

Operations Coordinator

Our Sustainability

There is an ever-increasing focus on the environment and at Calibre Climate we are passionate about playing our part in reducing climate change, and taking an ethical approach to our business activities in order to protect it. We operate in the principles contained within our Corporate Social Responsibilities statement which sets the tone for our ethos and business practices.

Our Customers

We partner with clients who require exacting conditions of temperature, humidity and indoor air quality

Our Markets

Calibre operates within the Prime Residential and Fine Wine & Specialist Storage markets, where precision control of indoor climate is essential for personal comfort and wellness, and the protection of high-value items

Our Reputation

Established since 1975, Calibre continues to build its solid reputation for design, installation, and maintenance of precision climate control systems. Longstanding relationships have resulted in a high level of repeat business from satisfied clients

Our Expertise

Our Methodology

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