Precision Climate

Precision control of environmental conditions and processes for critical industrial and commercial applications.

Fine Wine

Process cooling of liquids and equipment, and the precise control of temperature and humidity storage conditions, combine in the creation of the fine wines.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Precision climate control systems, creating the ideal indoor conditions for optimised plant growth and quality, with the lowest consumption of energy.

archive storage, books, specimens, artefacts and collections housed in a temperature and humidity controlled, ventilated environment

Climate Controlled Storage

Precision control of temperature, humidity, and air quality for the protection of high-value items and products.

Process Cooling

Accurate temperature control to maintain production quality, and increase machinery efficiency and longevity.

Case Study

Wiltshire I

Fine Wine Storage in an ex- WWII RAF underground storage facility.

Case Study

Wiltshire II

Mass Fine Wine Storage in renovated warehousing facilities on an ex- WWII RAF airfield.