Calibre Precision Climate Control are committed to delivering product and service propositions that exceed our customers’ expectations. In today’s society these expectations include
• having due regard for environmental issues and working towards a sustainable, carbon net zero business model
• ensuring fair remuneration and safe working conditions for our employees and those of our suppliers
• engaging with our local and wider community through supporting and participating in worthy causes.


Slave Labour & Human Trafficking

We have zero tolerance of slavery and human trafficking in all its different forms. Our approach reflects a commitment to act ethically and responsibly in all business relationships and to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not present in any part of our business or our supply chain.

Our Environment

As installers and maintainers of climate control equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use, we recognise the important part we play in offering solutions that efficiently create and sustain suitable indoor environments that counter the effects of climate change while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.
We have partnered with global manufacturers who share this vision by offering the latest in energy-efficient systems and demonstrating a clear commitment to more sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing processes.
We only use the most environmentally friendly refrigerants and materials in installations and servicing. We have invested heavily in electric vehicles and replaced our commercial fleet with vehicles powered by the latest Euro 6 engines.

Our People

We are committed to providing safe working conditions, appropriate PPE and training for all our employees, including carrying out full risk assessments for work undertaken on our premises and on-site.
We are also committed to maintaining a work environment where all staff are treated fairly and without prejudice.
We are committed to fair, lawful and ethical business relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Our Community

We believe that indoor climate control should create conditions that promote personal comfort, health and wellbeing for the people who work and live in them, achieving this through reliable, quiet and efficient control of temperature, humidity and air quality.
We also believe in our duty towards the communities in which we live and work, and to support charitable and humanitarian causes at local, national and international level.