Channel Islands I

Georgian Mansion

Channel Islands

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About this project

A Georgian mansion, once the home of the Commander of the Garrison with stunning views over the Channel and Northern France.

  • Client

    Private client

  • Appointed by

    Found Associates

  • Design

    WB Shiels

Technology used in this project

Diffusers and Grilles
Linear Diffusers and Weather Louvre.
Filtration and Purification
Fibre Filters.
Noise Management
Duct Attenuation.

Design Brief

Provide full ventilation system to this large property which is undergoing full refurbishment and substantial extension of the Lower Ground and Basement. Take on an already-commenced installation, managing remotely from Mainland UK with its logistical challenges.


Firstly the partially commenced installation of Ventilation systems was thoroughly investigated and validated for quality assurance prior to commencing installation. Distance from mainland UK required careful managing of the logistics of materials delivery, and engineer attendance, compared to central London projects. Three internal Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) units and silent in-line fans installed at high level in the dedicated Basement plant space provide constant ventilation to all spaces. Within each room in the property, fresh air is supplied via a series of narrow linear slot diffusers in the ceiling, aligned with cornices in all bedroom and bathroom spaces.

Externally a series of louvres provide fresh air to MVHRs and allow exhaust, colour-matched and recessed into the local granite-clad wall to ensure silent operation and non-visibility to occupants on the lower terrace.

Taking over a partially completed install, a long way from the mainland, and a high level of intricate detail made this a challenging but successful project.

William Rowles

Project Manager, Calibre

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