Notting Hill III

Notting Hill, London

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About this project

Full design and specification of discreet cooling and ventilation systems to a 5-bedroom, four-storey and basement stucco terraced townhouse in the heart of Notting Hill, for a luxury design-and-build firm and a renowned London architect.

  • Client

    Private client

  • Appointed by

    OLF Construction

  • Design

    Stephen Turvil Architects

Technology used in this project

Climate Control
Comfort Cooling
Mechanical Ventilation
MVHR System
Decentralised Extract
Centralised Extract
Ductwork & Accessories
Volume Control
Fire Dampers
Access Panels
Diffusers & Grilles
Linear Diffusers
Joinery Slots
Noise Management
Acoustic Treatment
Duct Attenuation
Acoustic Enclosure
Controls & Monitors
Control System

Design Brief

Full detailed design and equipment specification from concept stage derived from the requirements of the end client. Furnished in classic contemporary style with Scandinavian influences, the system design was directed by the visual intent of the property to deliver a solution as discreet and seamless as possible.


Using bespoke joinery in the ground floor kitchen to conceal fan coil units, a narrow-gauge linear bar grille running the length of the wall at the top of the joinery conditions the room and adds visual definition to the ceiling line.

The first-floor dining and lounge area is supplied by a horizontal unit in the adjoining powder room ceiling, through a minimal wall-length plaster-in diffuser. A fine-line plaster-in bar grille inside the bar alcove ceiling provides a path for return air, positioned outside of the main ceiling line to be beyond line of sight.

On the second floor, an identical grille supplies the master bedroom, with return air through a series of minimalist joinery slots. The requirement for comfort cooling to be almost inaudible in this room led to attenuation of the unit for almost completely silent system operation. Discreet plaster-in diffusers and joinery slots provide supply and return air paths to the three children’s bedrooms on the third floor, while climate control to the fourth-floor guest bedroom and wellness room takes place through a single linear diffuser in each ceiling, aligned with the bespoke coving detail.

A unique combination of centralised and decentralised ventilation from a single MVHR unit provides fresh air to the basement and bathrooms through a series of invisible shadow gap details.

Collaboration with the home automation contractor resulted in a design fully integrated with the Lutron system and controlled by a series of sleek black wall controllers and infrared remotes.

Two external condenser units housed in an acoustic enclosure under the lightwell stairs, flush with the wall, provides the supply air to the property in line with local planning requirements, invisible and inaudible from the road.