CPD – Integrating Indoor Climates into Luxury Properties

How well does a mechanical design integrate into your client’s vision for their property?


The 5 most common design challenges

There is a small group of core elements that prove best-in-class practice of design of comfort cooling, ventilation and air quality systems within an architecturally-led, interior-informed design. These, if implemented really well, can achieve the greatest result for these mechanical systems to be truly sympathetic to an impactful, high-class luxury property.

This CPD addresses these elements, that we in designing, installing and maintaining climate control systems to over 200 properties, have addressed many of in each property we have been involved in. We identify these as the 5 most common design challenges.

Specialist applications

We also touch on how employer’s requirements influence some of these core elements, we open up key specialist areas unique to luxury residential properties, and introduce the latest concept in climate control in the UK, specifically aimed at the residential market.

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CPD – Integrating Indoor Climates into Luxury Properties

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