Diffusers and Grilles

Discreet aesthetic internal air distribution

Air distribution devices

Key features of any ventilation system include the air distribution grilles and diffusers installed usually in ceilings or walls. Each type of grille and diffuser has different distribution characteristics and aesthetic appearance and it’s vital to have a comprehensive understanding of their specific features and benefits when making a project-appropriate selection.

Linear Slot Diffusers

Linear slot diffusers are available with single or multi-slot options, designed to be installed in continuous lengths. They are designed with fully adjustable blades or barrel design for accurate air pattern control to suit airflow requirements. Barrel designs are particularly useful for rapid reduction of supply air speed and temperature differentials; they are also well suited to wall and ceiling mounting, while the plastered-in flange design provides the most minimalist aesthetic

Linear Bar Grilles

Linear bar grilles are manufactured with a single set of linear blades. Adjustable blades are available with single or double deflection design for modified airflows. They are suitable for wall, duct, sill or ceiling mounting, and can have a removable core to provide ease of installation and service. They are available in a wide size range and designed for supply or extract air with a high induction rate.

Air Terminals

Air terminals are available in a variety of shapes and include a fully adjustable inner core, enabling precise and accurate regulation of air volume, noise levels, and pressure drop. They are designed for supply or exhaust applications for heating, cooling and ventilation requirements and provide a radial diffusion of air when used in supply ventilation. They are suitable for ceiling and duct mounting applications.

Joinery slots aligned with the chimney breast for air conditioning supply air

Architectural Slots

Architectural slots are created in bespoke joinery or cabinetry, in architectural items, or  wall or ceiling details, at high or low level and connected to ductwork via plenums. They are suitable for supply and extract air to facilitate comfort cooling or mechanical ventilation. Care is required in the design of these to ensure sufficient area is maintained to prevent excessive air speed and noise during maximum operation levels.

Swirl Diffusers

Swirl diffusers are manufactured in either circular or square plates with fixed or adjustable blade options for high or low volume supply or extract air. Their design enables fast air change capacity and temperature-differential reductions, whilst maintaining comfort in an occupied zone. They are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.

Weather Louvres

Weather Louvres are weather resistant for external use and may provide intake or exhaust air. They are available in a wide range of sizes and angled blade heights. Double bank blade options are available for greater weather resistance, and they are suitable for wall or duct mounting with or without access doors. Special options include acoustic treatment and ‘penthouse’ designs.


Mechanical Ventilation

Supply of fresh air and extraction of stale air.

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Case Studies

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