Can I retrofit air conditioning into a luxury property?

Shannon Church
Marketing Executive

Can I install air conditioning into my finished property?

Air conditioning can be installed to a finished property, but it comes with a different and more intricate set of challenges to navigate than an installation to a property currently undergoing extensive refurbishment. Various considerations impact the type of system which will be best for the individual property.

Do I need planning permission to retrofit air conditioning?

Most air conditioning installations do require planning permission, but regulations are far more stringent if your property is in a conservation area, is listed or has listed features. You can find out more about this in our editorial here.

What should I consider?

Equipment locations are a key consideration. In a refurbishment project, there is much greater flexibility surrounding where equipment can be placed for best access and cohesion with the interior design scheme. While it’s still possible in a retrofit, the options are much more limited because of the fixed nature of the surroundings by that point. It’s important to make sure that systems have adequate access for ongoing maintenance, and this must be considered to make sure that destructive works won’t be necessary when servicing is due.

Aesthetics is another key factor in an air conditioning retrofit. In a finished house, negative effects of an installation on the interior finishes are far more likely, but can be mitigated by engaging a specialist at early stages to explore all options within client requirements and key constraints. Solutions may include using a secondary room to house equipment, protecting the primary space (whether reception, living or bedroom space) from impactful works, or sensitive removal and replacement of existing finishes to accommodate system components.

Collaborating with a reputable builder who can coordinate with the system designers to assess and implement necessary works is another important factor for successfully retrofitting air conditioning into a finished prime property.

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