Saunas, Spas and Wellness

The hallmark of luxury, private spas, saunas and wellness facilities allow you to relax and unwind in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Personal health and wellness is becoming increasingly a concious feature in people’s lives. If you have opted for wellness facilities or a full wellness centre in your project, you’ll be dealing with constant ventilation requirements where stale air needs to be swapped out for fresh air. Temperature and humidity regulation are also important, for a comfortable experience during sessions – whether spa, massage or just relaxation!

With saunas, ventilation is essential for heat extraction both following use, and during a session to maintain the upper limit of heat output in the enclosed space.

Steam rooms require higher levels of ventilation to remove steam from the space quickly after use, to prevent dwell of bio-effluents and moisture, which over time lead to the deterioration of the facility.

Case Studies

Kensington III

Full townhouse refurbishment, with basement extension, façade retention and house re-structuring.

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