Private Collections

A space for art collectors to display their priceless collection whilst preserving its intrinsic worth

A priceless collection can be worth into the millions. Whilst the experience of valuable artworks are being able to house them in your own home for your daily pleasure, their physical materials are vulnerable to the environment they exist within. So for the best long-term preservation of artefacts the environment should be considered with near museum-like precision. This is especially true with older artworks using oils and canvasses, tapestries, and parchments which are all degenerative materials if spending time in an unsympathetic environment, so they must be considered for.

And this doesn’t just include artworks! Most valuable private collections of any kind require a controlled environment to optimise their long-term preservation. These collections can include anything from classic cars, books, to scrolls and parchments, sculptures and statuettes, and woodworkings and carvings. Usually of significant cultural and historical value as well as monetary, the owning of these rarities brings a responsibility of stewardship and often invokes a condition of insurance, that these collections require long-term protection – and the most significant factor is the climatic conditions of their long-term environment.

Case Studies

Chelsea I

Discreet air conditioning for this terraced 4-bed mews house in a small courtyard just off Fulham Road

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