Swimming Pools

An indoor pool is a centrepiece for the prime residence, bringing many elements together to create a unique design masterpiece.

Discreet basement pool ventilation in a luxury Hampstead residence

Whether for sumptuous relaxation as part of a private leisure complex, a more active focus as part of a fitness centric lifestyle, or any other motive, early consideration is given for mechanical systems to create the consistent and comfortable environment that is so critical to the space.

Slim linear diffusers for pool ventilation in a luxury mansion in Kensington



Constant humidity regulation ensures that moisture levels in the air are always at the optimum levels for human comfort, while discouraging evaporation from the pool and minimising condensation on surfaces in the room.

Case Studies

Chelsea I

Discreet air conditioning for this terraced 4-bed mews house in a small courtyard just off Fulham Road

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