Private Wine Cellar

The cellar provides the care for fine wine investments whilst enabling you to enjoy the investment at the pop of a cork, within your own property.

A private wine cellar is a great opportunity to care for fine wine investments within your own property and enables you to enjoy the investment at the pop of a cork, whilst adding significant value to your home.

Just as the storage of any other fine investment such as antiques and artworks, the storage conditions for fine wines are critical. A valuable cellar must have the optimum temperature and humidity to allow your fine wines to develop in complexity and value, while preserving the integrity of the cork and the pristine condition of the bottle label.

Fine Wine requires meticulous temperature and humidity control to allow the wine to mature and develop in flavour and bouquet. Temperature control is regulated to within one degree of the optimum temperature (13°C) and humidity to between 65 and 75% RH, preserving both the wine and the bottles and facilitating appreciation of the investment.

A climate control system with closely controlled air temperature with the addition of humidity control and adequate air movement would be considered essential to provide a complete cellar climate control solution.

Indoor climate monitoring systems, including temperature, humidity and air quality monitors are excellent means of establishing whether or not the storage area meets any agreed optimum conditions and enables quick identification of any issues. This data may be accessed from your smartphone providing real-time data anywhere in the world.

For more about wine cellar climate control, see our editorial here.

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