Media and Cinema Rooms

A home cinema, sound studio or a more open games space provides the singular cinematic experience.

Media environments exist for one thing – singular cinematic experience. Whether it’s a home cinema, sound studio or a more open games space it’s a dedicated space for an experience to be had without distraction. One of the most common distractions is noise, so these spaces are essential for sound mitigation.

Usually these areas are in a basement and often in their own enclosed spaces – where constant fresh air supply is essential. During the screening of a movie, a recording or listening party, the prevention of distraction is of utmost importance – and so the user closes off the space. Without dedicated consideration for constant ventilation of each of these spaces the user experience suffers, manifesting itself in drowsiness or even headaches – bringing in a further distraction.

Case Studies

Chelsea I

Discreet air conditioning for this terraced 4-bed mews house in a small courtyard just off Fulham Road

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