Our design team are with you from the earliest step of the 5-Stage Calibre Design Process

Our Comprehensive Approach

At the initial stage, the Calibre Design Team collaborate with the Project Design Team to establish the project scope and to identify the key performance requirements for precision climate control.

Design considerations include zone-specific temperature and humidity requirements, interior aesthetic, indoor air quality, indoor and outdoor sound levels, ventilation rates, smart controls and integration, and compliance with legal requirements.

The 5-Stage Calibre Design Process is developed from our product and skill, our installation experience, and how both these integrate into the wider built environment. It is the facilitator of the holistic approach Calibre take to every new project, through Design Guidance, Legal Requirements, Site Surveying, Cost Estimation, and Project Documentation.

Design Guidance

The Calibre design team provides expert performance design and specifications for design and build projects. We draw on extensive technical experience and leading industry guidance to provide best practice design; this encompasses a broad spectrum of factors, including equipment type and capacity, refrigerant types, airflow rates, grille sizes, pressure drops and noise control.

Legal Requirements

Approved Document ‘L1’ and ‘L2 2021 – Conservation of fuel and power’ determine minimum levels of energy efficiency of new and existing buildings with the aim to provide energy efficient fixed building services and effective controls. In addition, Approved Document ‘F1 & F2 2021 – Ventilation’ details minimum mechanical rates for various types and usage of zones, with an emphasis on the benefits of fresh air in providing healthy living spaces.

Site Surveys

When working on existing projects, our surveyors utilise the project brief to guide an exhaustive survey of the building and all aspects that may impact the design and installation processes. These include design elements such as living, accommodation and utility space layout, individual space usage, existing and proposed structural elements, voids for services, proximity to street, neighbours and party walls. Also considered are key details such as possible programme implications and ongoing access to all relevant installation areas.

Cost Estimation

We use collective experience as well as current market rates to estimate complete costings for each individual project. We provide a definitive scope of works and detailed costs to facilitate client decisions and ensure fully informed cost control throughout the installation process.

Project Documentation

Initial designs are created as CAD models to demonstrate equipment positioning in relation to the structure and other services. Full construction drawing sets, schematics and detail drawings are produced from the central model which inform the design development and direct the installation. Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance documentation is then provided on completion of the installation.

Calibre's ability to assist in design is what stands out for me, this design ability and their seamless integration with Building Management Systems and Home Automation System is what make me very happy when I see them on the main contractors appointed contractor list.

Cornelius Crankson

Cornelius Crankson

Project Architect, Studio Indigo