Battersea I

Expansive Duplex Penthouse

Battersea, London

About this project

From an outline specification, design, supply and install mechanical systems spanning air-conditioning, ventilation with integral humidification, across an approx. 10,000 sq.ft, 6-bedroom duplex penthouse.

  • Client

    Private client

  • Appointed by

    Luxury fitout contractor

  • Building Type

    Luxury Residential

  • Design

    London Architect, and Mechanical Consultant under general specification

Technology used in this project

Climate Control
Comfort Cooling
Mechanical Ventilation
Centralised Extract
Heat Recovery (MVHR)
Ductwork and Accessories
Volume Control
Fire Dampers
Access Panels
Diffusers and Grilles
Linear Diffusers
Linear Bar Grilles
Air Terminals
Noise Management
Acoustic Treatment
Duct Attenuation
Controls & Monitors
Control System

This one-of-a-kind property was being designed by an international architect-led design team, with the client themselves closely involved with lifestyle choices, interior design, and commissioned design pieces. Calibre were hired to inform and coordinate with the design team with requirements for the air-conditioning, ventilation and humidification systems, through the luxury fitout contractor.

An external plant deck received a large, specialist mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) unit, with large attenuated ductwork entering the building roof. Over the large curved gallery area, the main air conditioning ducts from the sets of VRF fan-coils mounted above the ceiling distributed out to serve the Gallery perimeter slot diffusers. All slot diffusers installed for the air-conditioning throughout the property were bespoke made, curved in two of their three planes to sit flush within curved ceilings throughout the entire upper floor – a key architectural feature of the property – and with a specialist 25mm bird-safe mesh fitted to the back of each diffuser in every room.

The bedroom suites used a mix of linear bar grilles flush-mounted vertically in walls for a discreet look, and short multi-slot diffusers above each doorway for dedicated return air from each space to its fan-coil unit.

Above the second floor a small voidspace the length of the property was expertly designed as the property’s plant space, allowing fan-coil units and spiral ductwork to be mounted to serve rooms without intruding on useable living apace. From the plant space a crawlspace was erected for permanent maintenance access above the gallery ceiling.

As well as background mechanical ventilation, additional extract ventilation fans were installed for smoke ventilation in the library, in preparation for the client’s extensive cigar collection, and finished within the room in the same style of triple slot diffuser.

In the Study, the towering bespoke bookcase featured an integrated grille design with colour-matched grille set within the joinery at approximately two-thirds height, to supply and return air from the fan-coil unit, mounted within the adjacent plant space.

In the gym and wellness centre, extract ventilation was provided to the sauna and steam room, which ensures the best experience and keeps the spaces fresh. The gym fan-coil is set to run at a lower temperature to combat the heat spoke in the space when working out, as well as the extract and supply ventilation to prevent build-up of humidity, keep the space fresh, and maintain a good oxygen supply.