Holland Park IV

Exquisite Urban Villa

Holland Park, London

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About this project

A luxury urban villa basement construction and total refurbishment, including whole house climate and areas of precision climate application

  • Client

    Private Client

  • Appointed by

    London Projects

  • Design

    David Money Architects

Technology used in this project

Climate Control
Comfort Cooling
Water Cooled
Heat Pump
Mechanical Ventilation
Decentralised Extract
Centralised Extract
Heat Recovery
Ductwork and Accessories
Volume control dampers
Fire Dampers
Access Panels
Diffusers and Grilles
Linear Diffusers
Linear Bar Grilles
Air Terminals
Joinery Slots
Filtration & Purification
Fibre Filters
Carbon Filters
Noise Management
Acoustic Treatment
Duct Attenuation
Acoustic Enclosure
Controls & Monitors
Control System
Home Automation

Design Brief

Discreet grille design and intelligently concealed equipment. Specialist areas included the cinema, gym, spa and sauna with plunge pools, and the private wine cellar. Meticulous attention was paid to detail and integration within building fabric and bespoke joinery.


Calibre delivered a luxury indoor climate including ducted heating, cooling and ventilation in all living zones, with precision climate in specialist areas. Whisper quiet operation was achieved within bedroom areas.

Constant fresh climate control air circulating within the cinema maintains a precise environment, ideal for a pleasurable experience without distraction.

Supply and extract ventilation ensures adequate heat extraction during sauna usage to maintain a healthy environment for personal health and wellness.

A dedicated climate control system provides the optimum storage conditions for fine wines and ensures they are developing in complexity and value.

External plant was installed at roof level within an acoustic enclosure for planning, and to avoid the impact of noise generated on neighbouring properties.

One thing that I find always useful, and this is something for which I like working with your team, is your ability to listen, apply the expertise, and work with the designers to ensure a successful outcome. It is this that makes it a pleasure working with Calibre, and has meant that I have been more than happy in recommending the company to other architects and designers and even directly to clients.

Fabio Gonzalez-Calzada

Fabio Gonzalez-Calzada

Director & Architect, Thomas Croft Architects

On the last project that Calibre worked on with my team, we designed a inlet and extract ventilation air system hidden within the cornice, and they designed and installed a bespoke solution that worked perfectly.

Gemma McCloskey

Gemma McCloskey

Project Architect, Studio Indigo

We are extremely grateful to Calibre for their design support throughout this project and the client is delighted with the final outcome.

Jo Cowen Architects